Acid Reflux and CBD Oil – Does it work, is it safe?

CBD oil is the latest big thing in alternative health care and if you haven’t heard about it or tried it you will be hearing more about in the coming year.  This article will discuss what CBD is (and is not), how to use it and how it will help your acid reflux

What exactly is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a part of the cannabis plant which is non-intoxicating, i.e. it doesn’t’ get you high. The chemical in the plant that creates the high is called THC and by law, the percentage of THC is allowed in CBD oil is 0.3%. CBD oil is one of 104 chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It is usually mixed with a carrier oil, usually hemp seed or coconut oil. Cbd oil can provide a range of health and medicinal benefits in many different ways. It does so by tapping into how our bodies function physiologically and biologically. Cbd is an excellent option for people seeking relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis and other conditions without the negative effects of making you feel lethargic or “high”.

What conditions is CBD used for?

There has been a lot of research into what conditions CBD is used for, many of them sponsored by the US government. This research shows the potential of CBD for a wide range of conditions. These include arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, Chronic pain, PTSD and Acid Reflux disease

How does CBD help Acid Reflux?

Our bodies have what’s called an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which has many functions including memory, sensations, pain perception and others. The ECS can have a mitigating effect on gastric acid and the inflammation and other damage which is what GERD (acid reflux, heartburn) sufferers feel.

In general, CBD contains a variety of medicinal properties including its ability to help reduce acid reflux.  It does this by helping to regulate the secretion of gastric acids to the esophagus and greatly reducing the secretion of the acids that cause the “burn” in “heartburn”. In addition, its anti-inflammatory power reduces esophogeal discomfort and decreases the movement of the fluids in the stomach and GI tract. Because of the decreased movement and reduction in inflammation, the main symptoms of GERD are treated.

Studies have shown that CBD addresses multiple symptoms at once with very few side effects. Cannabinoids change how the gut feels, it affects the signals the brain sends back and forth to the gut and regulates the functioning of the GI tract.

How safe is CBD oil?

Whenever people discuss new medications and/or therapies, one of the first issues to arise is how safe is it? How safe is CBD oil? The answer is very safe. Initially, there were many stories and negative rumors concerning the safety issue surrounding cannabidiol. However, a report from the World Health Organization finally settled the issues at its 39th annual meeting.  WHO stated once and for all that cannabidiol is “safe, well-tolerated and not associated with any significant adverse health effects.” This non-toxic cannabinoid will not be the cause of a failed drug test nor will it get you high.


CBD oil has been found to be a safe and effective product of the treatment of acid reflux disease with no long-term side effects. It is generally sold as a “tincture” (liquid) in small quantities, usually 1 oz. with an eye dropper to administer it orally by placing it under your tongue for about one minute. It is also available in capsule form and as a cream or salve to use topically. If you mix it with coconut oil you can make your own salve.

I have been using it for about six weeks now and can tell you that it has helped my acid reflux considerably and by applying the salve to my feet it has also reduced the pain of my Peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

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6 thoughts on “Acid Reflux and CBD Oil – Does it work, is it safe?”

  1. Wow, fantastic information. Although I am familiar with CBD oil I had no idea of it’s application to treat acid reflux. My wife suffers with this and on a prescription she would like to stop. This information will be most useful to her. THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I have another product that I’m going to be writing a review of next. It is an aloe based product that I have used for the past year and worked very well. Lily of The Desert Organic Aloe Vera Juice, by Lily Of The Desert. There are two versions, get the one in the pink bottle. It’s available on Amazon and other vitamin and supplement vendors. As soon as I get my affiliates approved I’ll be promoting.

  2. Really interesting post. I fully support all your views on CBD oil, as someone who has chronic pain it is something I have used in the past and it has a myriad of health benefits without the high of cannabis as you said in your article. Very informative- do you have a particular brand you like to use?

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